What is a Discount Dental Plan?

Discount dental plans are quite simply money-saving dental plans, that allow you as a plan member to access discounted fees when you visit the dentist. Each dental procedure is charged at a lesser rate than the dentist’s usual fee for each procedure. When you present your dental plan membership card you are charged according to a pre-arranged “fee schedule” that all participating providers are contracted to honor.


When will my Discount Dental Plan activate so I can start using it?

Most of the time your dental plan can be used right after enrolling via our website. In certain instances, you can use your dental plan immediately if you have a dental emergency. Once you enroll in your dental plan, you will immediately be able to access your membership materials, including your membership card, plan details, and list of providers in your area.


How do I know what discount fees will be charged by the dentists in the network?
Each area in the U.S. has a different set of customary and usual fees that dentists charge for dental work. With each dental plan, the fees may vary slightly location to location. If you need to know how much a procedure costs in your area, give us a call and we can look it up for you. We are here to answer all of your questions and assist you any way we can.


How much money will I save with my Discount Dental Plan?
The amount of money you will save your new dental plan varies from location to location. Typically, the discounts are 20-60% off of the dentist’s normal fees, however in certain locations, some of the providers in our networks may charge even less for a certain treatment performed at a certain time of day. So please inquire with our app or our customer service department to see what procedures are discounted to in your area.

Please Note: Dental Specialists fees are often not according to a discounted fee schedule, but are a certain percentage off the usual cost. So please inquire if you are unsure what your fees may be.


How do I use my Discount Dental Plan once I register?
Once you sign-up on our website to join one of our discount dental plans, you are then basically ready to use your new dental plan. You will be able to access your dental plan membership materials right away, there you can call a participating provider and make your appointment for that week. In certain situation, some dental offices may be booked for a week or more in advance, so please check with a selection of providers in your area to see how long it will take to book your appointment. Once you book your appointment, you are ready to use your dental plan and experience the savings that plan members benefit from.


What is your refund or cancellation policy?
If you are unhappy for any reason with your new dental plan, you are able to cancel your dental plan for a free refund (not including registration fee of $10). This is our administrative processing fee. If you cancel your dental plan within the first 30 days you are entitles to a full refund, no questions asked. We do not believe in providing our members any besides complete happiness with our products and service.


Is cosmetic dentistry included in your Discount Dental Plans?
Yes, cosmetic dentistry is include with our discount dental plans. Some cosmetic dental procedures are charged at a percentage less than the dentist would normally charge.


Are braces and orthodontics included on your Discount Dental Plans?

Yes. Our plans entitle our plan members to a percentage discount on braces and orthodontics, which can add up to a sizeable discount for the orthodontics treatment.


What are the benefits of using a Discount Dental Plans?

Discount dental plans are great for individuals and families. In fact, the more family members on the plan, the more savings will occur over the course of a year. Discount dental plans entitle plan members to accessing plan discounts than are not available to consumers without a dental plans. Also, some of our providers offer exclusive discount on dental procedures that aren’t available anywhere else in the U.S.A. We look forward to saving your family more throughout the course of the year. We will make sure your dental plan says active and if for any reason you want to discontinue your dental plan, just let us know and we will cancel your plan, no questions asked.



We are here to assist you to saving money on all of your dental care needs!